Welcome to my world.

Love What You Do

Chasta is a wife and mother of three that has enjoyed writing and public speaking as a career in operations and marketing. For the past few years, Chasta worked as an Operations and Business manager for others helping them build their own businesses; instead of feeding off of the scraps of others, she is giving it a go with making a name for herself. After a life changing injury a few years ago that made her fibromyalgia worse, Chasta had to make drastic lifestyle changes as the weight had piled on quickly. After trying fad diets with no luck, she found great success in clean eating and exercise and lost 80 pounds over two years starting in 2011. She proudly shares her stories and tips on staying healthy through her blog, The Trials of the Trendy Mom. Chasta primarily blogs about a healthy and creative lifestyle that she is creating for her kids so that they can grow into healthy, happy adults and not fall prey to obesity. A second blog about growth and start up tips is blossoming as well. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, but always down to earth, you can find her other published articles in the April and May 2016 online issue of Inspire Us Magazine and on The Huffington Post.