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       by a mom.


Want something fab for your special girl for pictures, holiday recitals or parties? Check out for fabulous outfits like the Sabrina tunic leggings set in charcoal. It is 100% cotton and machine washable and dryable.

The packaging was great as you can see.

The delicate feather accented headband came enclosed in a safe, clear box inside the shipping box. My daughter held it like a treasure. She was impressed at such a small detail, but it makes all of the difference to your customers. You are ensured that not only with plenty of bubble protectors found inside, this delicate artwork of an accessory would not be damaged on the way to your your little darling. Clearly marked and invoiced, this perfectly packaged outfit gave me a wrinkle free, ready to wear outfit.

The picture does not do justice to this outfit as my daughter moves. The contemporary, edgy design is sure to make your daughter be a stand out wherever she goes this season. My daughter fits in these clothes even though she is slighter older than girls pictured on the website. The outfit, along with the majority on their site, is perfect for a variety of age groups, and I want to stress that. We have several outfits that we love on this site and she is obsessed with the uniqueness that this outfit will provide for her at functions. That is an important detail to a girl from

10-13 years old.

They don't want to wear the same thing as everyone else. My daughter has always had a unique sense of style, and Kidcuteture designs provide her with an wide variety of style options. Perfect for gift giving this season, check out their shopping page and wrap up something unique for your little super model.